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Palace Library

The Library of the Republican Palace, in the Sudan, represents a basic tributary for providing information, for decision – maker, at the Presidency of the Republic. This had necessiated the presence of a library inside the Presidency of the Republic, for the follow-up, analysis, monitoring and availing the information.

The receiving of books to the Republican Palace (The Governor General's Palace) started since the early years of the British Colonization period, in the 19th. Century (i.e. 1898). There are some books which bear the date stamp of the People's Palace. Some others are stamped by the date stamp of the Egyptian Army Intelligence Department.

This was the start of reiciving books, at the Republican Palace. All the books which were received in the Palace, were foreign. This is because the authorship and publication movement was not yet active in Sudan, at those times. Thus, the presence of books was an endeavour from the colonial authority, to cultivate its officials working in the Sudan. There was no specific room for books in the Palace, at that time.

Yet, the colonial authority, left behind a hoard of books about the Sudan and Africa. There was no library; as such, to keep these books. They were kept in the office of the Director of Protocol. Thus, the start of thinking of establishing of a library, in the Palace (the then People's Palace), came in the mid-Nineteen seventies; that is, in 1976.

A room was specified, in the main building of the Palace, in the site which is presently occupied by the Vice – President of the Republic. The books which were originally there, were kept in the said room. These books came during the period of the foreign rule. The library was supplied with some precious Arabic and Foreign books; such as the 'Encyclopaedia Britannica, the General History of Africa (the English version) and other books of which volumes were found.

The Library continued to receive its visitors, for several years, in the same place, inside the main building. Also, a number of Librarians rotated, in succession, in its management. In 1988, the Library was closed, re-habitated and started to offer its service, to the beneficiaries; and provided with great amounts of valuable books and references.

The Library Building, in the year 2006:

The present building of the Library lies in the South – Eastern part of the Palace building; in an area of 435 m2. It contains the archives and the Library. The latter is located in a hall which includes book shelves and a reading room. The visitors enter the Library, through a passage which leads to the main Library Hall, from the Northern side. On the right, there are the Periodical stacks, and the Internal Hall. There is also another passage on which the offices are situated. The Archives building is parallel to the main hall; and it is constituted of two halls – one for keeping the documents and the other is a show room. Between the Main Library Hall, and two archives rooms, the Administration offices are situated.

The opening and closing times:

The Library of the Republican Palace, receives the beneficiaries from inside the Palace, daily, according to the normal official working hours. It also receives the public from outside Palace, three days in the week (i.e. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday).

From 9 a.m., to 1 afternoon;

From 4 p.m., to 8 p.m.


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