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The Head Of Social Committee Confirms Sudan’s Keenness Of Promote Its Relation With Kenya

09 May 2019 أخبار أعضاء المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي (سابقاً)


The head of social committee Salah al-Dien Abdul-Khaliq Saeed, stressed the keenness of the Sudan to improve relations with Kenya in various fields, pointing out that the two countries have deep historical ties.
 In a press statement after meeting with the chairman of Social Committee at Republican Palace, the ambassador of Kenya  Aaron Sukki said in a press statement that he carries a letter of friendship and support from Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to the Transitional Military Council and it confirms the depth of relations between two countries .
The Kenyan Ambassador expressed the hope of President Kenyatta that the Transitional Military Council and other partners through the ongoing dialogue would be able to reach comprehensive arrangements that would promote stability and prosperity in Sudan. Praising the peaceful approach to the recent change in Sudan.


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