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The President Receives a Message from Former US President Jimmy Carter

19 Nov 2018 President

KHARTOUM - The President of the Republic received a written message from former US President Jimmy Carter on the cooperation of the Carter Center with Sudan in various fields, especially in the fight against deadly diseases in Sudan.

This came during a meeting with the Ambassador of the Carter Center for Sudan in the presence of the Federal Minister of Health, who said after the meeting that the visit of the Ambassador of the Carter Center for Sudan comes on the occasion of the declaration of Sudan free of river blindness after its elimination in Qlabat district of Gedaref.

The Minister of Health pointed out that the Sudan was able to eliminate this border disease, adding that the ambassador presented during the meeting her thanks to the President of the Republic for his continued support to the Center and the Ministry of Health to eliminate deadly diseases.

The Federal Minister of Health said that the Ambassador of the Carter Center briefed the President on the efforts of the Center for Disease Control and submitted a request to the President of the Republic of the desire of the Carter Centers to cooperate with Sudan in various fields.

For her part, Ambassador Ann Peter said that she handed President Bashir a message from President Jimmy Carter, stressing that he has all the respect and appreciation and affection for the people and government of Sudan.


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