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Al-Atta confirms the Military Council's commitment to protect the gains of the revolution

16 Jun 2019 أخبار أعضاء المجلس العسكري الإنتقالي (سابقاً)


Lieutenant General Yasser Al Atta, member of the Transitional Military Council, confirmed the Council's commitment to protect the gains of the revolution and to establish a true democratic transition.


He explained that the Military Council has no ambition in governing but its presence is necessitated by the need to protect the objectives of the Sudanese revolution and protect the people from deviation. He stressed that the security and military system is coherent and works in one hand in harmony.


He said that a small group within the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change had agenda that had nothing to do with the Sudanese people and renewed the Military Council's determination to move forward in protecting the nation's gains and defending democracy.


Al-Atta pledged to hold accountable all the corrupt and involved in the crimes of public funds and bring them to justice, stressing the Council's commitment to implement the obligations of the transitional period to reach social reconciliation and political recovery.


For his part, Major General Noordin Abdul Wahab, Director of Morale of Rapid Support Forces, said that there are parties seeking to distort the image of RSF, stressing that the RSF are disciplined forces and operating according to the law.

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