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The Units which follows the H.Qs. of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the Republic

1- The Constitutional Court.

2- The Justice Council.

3- The National Justice Chamber

4- The National Audit Chamber.

5- The Registrar of Organizations and Political Parties

6- The Public Grievances Organization.

7- The National Security Organization

8- The Central Bank of Sudan

9- The National Elections Commission.

10- The Human Rights Commission.

11- The National Commission for Judiciary Service.

12- The National Commission of the Civil Service

13- The Allocation and Supervision of the Financial Revenues Commission.

14- The National Lands Commission.

15- The National Petroleum Commission.

16- The Cease-Fire Political Commission.

17- The Evaluation and Execution of the Peace Agreement in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile Sates Commission.

18- Abyie Region Frontiers Commission.

19- Abyie Referendum Commission.

20- The Commission for the Protection of the rights of non – Muslims in the National Capital.

21- The Committee for the follow-up and the guarantee of Precision, Legality and Transparency in the Referendum.

22- The Joint / Merged Forces

23- The Peace Agreement Execution Evaluation Commission.

24- The National Commission for Constitutional Revision.

25- The Population Census Council

26- The Strategic Studies Centre

27- The International Peoples' Friendship Council.

28- The Quality Chancery.

29- Dams Execution Unit.

30- The National Council for the Coordination of disarmament, Demoblization and Re-Merging.

The High Council of Investment, which was established by a Republican Decision, at a later stage, also, follows the H.Qs. of this Ministry.


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