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The Structure of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs

1-    H.E. the Minister of Presidential Affairs.

Lt. Gen. / Bakri Hassan Salih.

2-    Exellincies the Minister of State, at the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

a-    Sayed / Idris Mohamed Abdel Gadir.

b-    Sayed / Joseph Lual Ashwail.

3-    The Under Secretary of the Presidency. Dr / El-Kindi Yousif Mohamed Osman.

First: The tasks and the Functions of Sayed / the Minister of Presidential Affairs:

1-  Leading the Ministry in all aspects of work. He is considered its supreme chief and administers it according to the principle of personal responsibility and collective consultation about the basic issues and fully bears the responsibility about the activities of the Ministry, in front of the Council of Ministers.

2-  To supervise over the Ministry, according to the laws, directing its management and the execution of the public policies of the Government, in the Ministry, according to the laws, regulations and approved decisions.

3-  The issue of the organizational decisions and orders, for administering the Ministry and the execution of its planned tasks and duties.

4-  To supervise his subordinates and directing them to execute the objectives and tasks of the Ministry.

5-  To supervise the setting of plans of the Ministry, the follow-up of their execution and the preparation of reports on level of accomplishment of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, to this Council according to the set systems.

6-  The formation of the Council of Ministers, the Advisory Committees, the specialized work Committees and to determine their tasks according to systems.

7-  Informing the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, of any incidents and major offences against the government system, in the realm of the functions of the Ministry.

8-  To coordinate with the concerned Ministers, within the core of the collective responsibility of the government, in all work which is a part of the functions of Ministry.

9-  To supervise over the plans, qualifying programs, training and follow-up of the level of execution.

10-Any other tasks assigned to him by the Council of Ministers.

Second: the Tasks and Functions of the Under Secretary:

1)   Each one of them practices the tasks and functions determined by the Minister, by a Ministerial Decision, or those which came in the decision of his appointment.

2)   To deputize the Minister, in practicing his functions and to assume his tasks which are related to the performance of the Ministry, in case of his absence.

3)   To participate with the Minister, in supervising the Units which follow him.

4)   To participate in the Coordination Council of the Ministry.

5)   Any other tasks assigned to him by the Council of Ministers.

Third: The Tasks and Functions of the Permanent Secretary:

1)   To participate in proposing policies, plans and assisting the Minister and the Ministers of State, in supervising execution.

2)   The follow-up of the implementation of the tasks of the Ministry, the preparation of the programmes, plans and the follow-up of the evaluation of the level of achievement.

3)   To supervise the running of work, the simplification of its procedures and development of its techniques.

4)   To supervise the General Administrations and taking the necessary procedures, to guarantee the execution of their duties.

5)   Supervision over the preparation of the reports, studies and research submitted from the Units.

6)   Rpresenting the Ministry, internally and externally, when the representation is at his level.

7)   To perform any other tasks assigned or delegated to him, by the Minister or the Ministers of State.

The Formation and Functions of the Council of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs:

The Council assists the Minister in the management of the affairs of the Ministry.

1-    The Formation of the Council:

The Minister Chairman

The Ministers of StateAlternate Chairman

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Member

The Advisors of the Ministry Members

The Directors of the Public AdministrationsMember

2-    Tasks of the Council

1.  To review the projects plans of the Ministry.

2.  To review the financial Plan and Manpower plan.

3.  The development of the performance of the Ministry, organizing its work and the amendment of its structure.

4.  Giving opinion on the topics which are presented to Council of Ministers; and the Minister sees that it is necessary to submit to the Council.

5.  The study of the proposed laws and regulations which organize the activities of the Ministry.

6.  Any other topics which the Minister sees that they may be submitted to the Council.


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