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The Administrative Divisions

The System of Government: Decentralized, Presidential Republic and Federal Rule.

The Administrative Divisions: Is constituted of 25 states. Each state, is divided into a number of Localities.

Levels of Government:

(a) The National Government Level; which practices power and authority, to protect the National Sudanese sovereignty, the safety of its territories and enhances the welfare of its people.

(b) The Level of Government in the Southern Sudan; which practices power, in relation to the people of the Southern – Sudan; and its states.

(c) The State's Level of Government; which practices power, on the levels of states; and provides the public services, through the closer level to the citizens.

(d) The Local Government Level; which prevails in all parts of the Sudan.


General Elections are going to be held, on all the levels of Government, in a time not later than the end of the fourth year of the Transitional period.


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