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Medals, and Decorations

It means the presidential expression, which Crowne and maximize  the achievement of Sudanese people for its people beginning from political leaders, regular troops and national figures and those with administrative excellence and human services, scientists and even students and foreigners the British law provided in the bilateral Covenant (1898_1955m) Governor-General has the authority to grant medals and decorations according to  the estimation of that period and has continued to work at until the end of the period and the beginning of independence . The first step to sudanize this presidential tradition in the era of  the  former President Ibrahim Abboud, who had formeda committee headed by Brigadier / Morteda Fad Almulaand General Mohamed Idris Abdullah and Mr. Ahmed Hassan Aldawyasine.


in 1963the first law of decorations and medals was passed,  and included the following:

Order of the Two Niles

Order  of  the long  Excellent craftsmanship.

Order of Merit.

Medal of Courage.

During the reign of  the former President Field Marshal Jafar Mohamed Nimeiri some amendments were made in the law and a new additions and modernization.

the following medals are added:

The Sudan Honoring son.

Order of the educational level.

Order of the Republic

Medal of Literature and the Arts

Military Achievement Medal.

Sports Medal.

In 1990, the following  medals were added:

Honor  necklace

Honor Medal

Constitution Medal

political achievement Medal

Golden Defense Medal

achievement Star

Golden Excellence

In the year 2012,  the protocol department in the presidency was embarked in with collaboration withThe relevant authoritiescommunity liaison ceremony at the Presidency and cooperation with the relevant authorities for comprehensiveness of the for all creators and nationals, whoaredistinguished in their respective fields .and the new regulation came by adopting the old medals with additional medalsas a faith and belief of the state to save the rights and recognition of them for their children.

the following were added:

leadership medal which includes three layers and the granting of the officers who leadcombat military battle and perform the required  task with distinction and Excellence and the medal was identified according to the rank of the commander ...

Fighting battle Medal

force Combat DutyMedal

Golden DefenseMedal

Note that with this medals are particular  to the regular armed forces and other forces .

Medal of oil and mining:

It includes three layers and gives everyone who contributed actively in the operations of the extraction of oil and mineral resources and export and protect its fields, so that the medal will be according to the craft that was granted

special Tasks Medal:

And grants for officers whoTasked with operation or a task  with risks and implement it with efficiency and professionalism .
souls Medal:

It includes fifty layers and granted to officers who attain the first class in the various military academies, also it gives the student  who wins first degree in the Sudan secondary school certificate.

administrative Excellence Medal:

It gives to everybody who administrate  state management facilities or military unit  or security police professionally.

Medal of creativity and innovation:
it gives to whom who innovates an invention scientifically or academically, or designing a new developing device with efficient performance


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