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Bashir cast his vote in the elections

16 Apr 2015

Al-Bashir votes in election Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir, the president of the republic, and the candidate of the National Congress Party for the Presidency, vote in the general election at San Francis School in Khartoum. Sudan

The Vice President to Meet Yemeni Human Rights Minister

02 Nov 2015

Mr, Hassabo Mohammed Abd El-Rahman, the vice president has met in his office at the presidential palace with Mr, Ezz El-Din Saeed El-Aghbash, and the Yemeni minister of human rights. The minister said he extended his gratitude for the government of Sudan for its noble stands towards Yemeni ...

Minister of the Presidency Farewells Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates

22 Apr 2015

The minister of the presidency, Engineer Salah Wanasi, has farewelled the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Hassan Ahmed Al-Shehhi to mark the end of his term in Sudan. Al-Shehhi after his meeting with Engineer Salah Wanasi at the Republican Palace described the Sudanese and UAE relatio...

The President of the Republic Receives an Answer Letter from the National legislative body

17 Dec 2015

Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, President of the Republic received in the Republican Palace today a letter of response from the national legislative body to his letter in the chapeau of the work of the current session of the National Legislative body handed him the Speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omar ...

The First Vice President to Meet the Secretary General Of the Council of Strategic Planning

17 Dec 2015

The first vice President Gen of staff Bakri Hassan Salih draw to Integration of key projects of the State in the African decimal plan, especially with regard to the railways transportation. The first vice president during his meeting today at the Republican Palace the secretary general of ...

Sudan and Uganda Sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Higher Education

14 Nov 2017 President

Sudan and Uganda at the conclusion of their discussions signed a memorandum in the field of higher education and scientific

Sudanese - Ugandan Agreement to Hold Investment Conference in Khartoum

14 Nov 2017 President

The two presidents, Al-Bashir and Museveniagreed to hold a joint conference for investment in Khartoum, at a date to be determined later.

The President to Meet Ugandan Prime Minister at His Residence in Kampala

14 Nov 2017 President

President Omar Al-Bashir has met at his residence at Sarina Hotel in Kampala withRohokana Roukandthe Ugandan Prime Minister

The President Receives Qatari Minister of Finance

13 Nov 2017 President

President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir has received at the Guest HouseMr. Ali Shareef Al Emadithe Qatari Minister of Finance

The Presidency Condolences the Leader Bakri Ahmed Adeel

13 Nov 2017 President

The Presidency condolences in the name of Almighty GodBakri Ahmed Adeel, a Sudanese historical leader, and a senior member of the National

The President Heads to Uganda

13 Nov 2017 President

President Omar Al-Bashir left today to Kampalathe capital of Ugandan on an official two-day visit during the visit will carry out bilateral talks

The President Calls for the Importance of Immunizing Young Men Against Western Cultures

12 Nov 2017 President

President Al-Bashir called on the importance of immunizing young men against Western cultures and the intellectualinvasion and community

The President Discusses with Sanosi the Current Political Situation

12 Nov 2017 President

President Omar Al-Bashir met in his office at the Presidential Palace today with Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Sanosi, the Assistant to the President.

The President Confirms the State’s Move by the Mentality of the Dialogue and Implementation of Its Outcomes

12 Nov 2017 President

President Omar Al-Bashir confirmed the country’s moving forward mentality of dialogue and its keenness to implement its outputs

Mr. President Confirms the Strength of Sudan's Relations with Brix Countries and Its Keenness to Develop Cooperation with Them

12 Nov 2017 President

President Omer Al-Bashir affirmed the strength of Sudan's relations with Brix countries (China. Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil)

The President Begins an Official Two-Day Visit to Uganda

12 Nov 2017 President

The President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir heads on Mondayto Kampala the Ugandan capital on an official two-days visit to Uganda by an invitation

The President Directs the Formation of a Committee to Study the Situation of the Sudanese Antiquities

09 Nov 2017 President

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar al-Bashir gave directives to form a committee headed by

The President Confirms Sudan's Support to the Union of African Youth

08 Nov 2017 President

The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir affirmed Sudan's support for the Union of African

The Mauritanian President Concludes His Visit to the Country concluded

08 Nov 2017 President

The Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has concluded visit to the country;

The President: the Document of National Dialogue Represents the Basic Reference for the Government of National Dialogue

08 Nov 2017 President

The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir confirmed the document of national dialogue represent a basic reference


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