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Bashir cast his vote in the elections

16 Apr 2015

Al-Bashir votes in election Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir, the president of the republic, and the candidate of the National Congress Party for the Presidency, vote in the general election at San Francis School in Khartoum. Sudan

The Vice President to Meet Yemeni Human Rights Minister

02 Nov 2015

Mr, Hassabo Mohammed Abd El-Rahman, the vice president has met in his office at the presidential palace with Mr, Ezz El-Din Saeed El-Aghbash, and the Yemeni minister of human rights. The minister said he extended his gratitude for the government of Sudan for its noble stands towards Yemeni ...

Minister of the Presidency Farewells Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates

22 Apr 2015

The minister of the presidency, Engineer Salah Wanasi, has farewelled the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, Hassan Ahmed Al-Shehhi to mark the end of his term in Sudan. Al-Shehhi after his meeting with Engineer Salah Wanasi at the Republican Palace described the Sudanese and UAE relatio...

The President of the Republic Receives an Answer Letter from the National legislative body

17 Dec 2015

Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, President of the Republic received in the Republican Palace today a letter of response from the national legislative body to his letter in the chapeau of the work of the current session of the National Legislative body handed him the Speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omar ...

The First Vice President to Meet the Secretary General Of the Council of Strategic Planning

17 Dec 2015

The first vice President Gen of staff Bakri Hassan Salih draw to Integration of key projects of the State in the African decimal plan, especially with regard to the railways transportation. The first vice president during his meeting today at the Republican Palace the secretary general of ...

Assistant President Briefed On Water Supply Plan For Port Sudan

Assistant President Mousa Mohammed Ahmed on the plan of the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation

Assistant President Moussa Meets The Minister Of Transport And Roads

Assistant President Moussa met with the Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges. He said that the

Faisal Briefed On The Arrangements For The Darfur Youth Conference

The Assistant President of the Republic Dr. Faysal briefed on the arrangements for the convening of the

The Assistant President Is Directed To Expand Cash Crops

Assistant President Dr. Faisal stressed the importance of focusing and expanding the cultivation of cash

Assistant President Dr. Faisal Briefed On Arrangements For Talks In The South Sudan

The Assistant President, Dr. Faisal, briefed on the arrangements being made to host the Sudan for holding

Assistant President Draws Attention To Youth Issues

The Assistant to the President of the Republic to take care of the issues of youth and rehabilitation and

Minister Of State And The Ambassador Of The UAE Discuss Joint Files

Minister of State for the Presidency of, Mr. Hatem Hassan, expressed his country's appreciation for the

Assistant President Praises Sudanese-Turkish Relations

The Assistant President ,Ibrahim, praised the development witnessed in the bilateral relations between

The Minister State Of Presidency Renews The Determination To Develop The Performance Of The presidency

The Minister State for Presidency, Dr. Alrashied Haroun, renewed his determination to develop and

The Presidency of the Republic And The Zarqa Complex Sign The ERP Contract

Signed the Presidential Palace between the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic and

Assistant President Praises Qatar's Role In Darfur

The Assistant President,praised the role played by the State of Qatar to promote peace in Darfur and

Assistant President Is Briefed On the Overall Situation In Blue Nile

Assistant President, Dr. Faisal, briefed him on the overall security, political and economic situation in the

الخرطوم تستضيف مؤتمر المهندسين الزراعيين الشهر الجاري

Khartoum will host from 23-23 June the General Conference of Arab Agricultural Engineers with the

Assistant President Discusses With Shuaib The Implementation Of The Outputs Of The Dialogue

Assistant President d. Faisal Search in his office at the Republican Palace, the head of the Federal Truth

مساعد رئيس الجمهورية يشهد توقيع مذكرة تفاهم خاصة بالصحة بولايات الشرق

شهد الأستاذ موسى محمد احمد مساعد رئيس الجمهورية اليوم مراسم توقيع مذكرة التفاهم بين المؤسسة الصحية العالمية ومنظمة بشارات الصحية والخاصة بالعمل المشترك


تابعونا وشاهدونا أولاً بأول لنحظى بتشجيعكم دومًا! تعرّفوا على أحدث الأخبار الخاصة بالموقع والمبادرات الحكومية من خلال نشراتنا البريدية.