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The Presidency: Our Relation With Saudi Arabia Is not Causal Policy ,However It Was Based On Islamic Principles

16 May 2018 Vice President

H.E.Hassabu Abdulrhamn has renewed the strength of the Sudanese Saudi relations,  describing it as  a rooted and well established relation ,through which it based on the Islamic principles, He has also appreciated the ceremony of launching the King Suleiman Centre For Relief and Human Affairs for feeding the fasters of Ramadan in Sudan ,that took place in the General Centre for the  Ansar al – Sunnah Religious Group ,that is done by them, describing the kingdom of Saudi as the center of Iman for the whole Islamic nations, appreciating the  king Suleiman center and all the  beneficiaries as well as  his  the regards of the president Al Bashir to King Suleiman and the Crown Prince.

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نائب رئيس الجمهورية يقف على ترتيبات انطلاق مهرجان كرمة السياحي بالشمالية

18 Sep 2018 Vice President

وقف نائب رئيس الجمهورية الاستاذ عثمان محمد يوسف كِبر على ترتيبات انطلاق مهرجان كرمة السياحي بالولاية الشمالية هذا العام

النائب الأول يوجه بالاستعداد المبكِّر للموسم الزراعي الشتوي بالشمالية

18 Sep 2018 Vice President

وجَّه النائب الأول لرئيس الجمهورية الفريق أول ركن بكري حسن صالح بالاستعداد المبكِّر للموسم الزراعي الشتوي بالولاية الشمالية

Kibir Informed on the Government of South Darfur's Efforts to Deliver Aid to the Affected Area Terpa in Jebel Marra

18 Sep 2018 Vice President

Vice President Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir informed on the state of South Darfur’s government's efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to the affected the area of Terpa in Jebel Marra in the wake of the mountain slide that killed “18” persons, and what the rebel movement of Abdul Wahid did to obstruc...


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