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The President of the Republic Give Directives to Enhancing and strengthening of Sudanese Thailand relations

19 Mar 2017 President

The President of the Republic field marshal Omar Al-Bashir has directed to enhance and strengthen the relations between the Sudan and the Kingdom of Thailand in all areas. This came during his meeting at the Republican Palace with Ambassador Sanaa Hamad Awad the Sudanese ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand. She said in press statements after the meeting that the directives of the President of the Republic focused on highlighting the files in the coming stage, especially in the areas of the distinctive Thai agriculture and agro-technology techniques and experience in the area of health and manufacturing industries which will contribute to the economic reform that the country ungergo.

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The President of the Republic Meets Idris Debby the Chadian President at Khartoum Airport

24 May 2017 President

The president of the republic field marshal Omar Al-Bashir has met the Chadian president Idris Debby at the Presidential Hall at Khartoum Airport where they had talks

الركابي يؤدي القسم وزيرا للمالية ودكتور فردوس عبدالرحمن وزير دولة بوزارة الصحة

24 May 2017 President

ادى القسم امام المشير عمر البشير رئيس الجمهورية اليوم بالقصر الجمهوري الفريق دكتور محمد عثمان سليمان الركابي وزيراً لوزارة المالية والتخطيط الاقتصادي وذلك بحضور الفريق أول ركن بكري حسن صالح النائب الأول لرئيس الجمهورية رئيس مجلس الوزراء القومي ومولانا محجوب الأمين الفكي نائب رئيس القضاء ودكتور فض...

Al-Merghani and Al-Sanosi to Sworn in before the President

24 May 2017 President

The President of the Republic field marshal Omar Al-Bashir has sent a special letter to the Moroccan King Mohammed IV delivered to him by leiutinant general Taha Osman Al-Hussein


تابعونا وشاهدونا أولاً بأول لنحظى بتشجيعكم دومًا! تعرّفوا على أحدث الأخبار الخاصة بالموقع والمبادرات الحكومية من خلال نشراتنا البريدية.