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The President of the Republic: the Door is Still Open to the Defiant and Armed Groups to Catch up the Dialogue for Peace and Stability

13 Jul 2017 President

The President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has emphasized that the door is still open for all the reluctance of the armed movements and political forces to catch up with the dialogue for peace and stability, he said when addressing the National Council for the delivery procedures ceremony of the heads of the relevant committees and their deputies said: “We emphasize that the approach we have adopted in the dialogue and the goal for which we were called for dialogue still exists”. He stressed that the extension of the cease-fire for a new period intended to provide an opportunity to put arms to join the national march.

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رئيس الجمهورية يطلع على العرض الاسترالي للاستثمار بالبلاد ب 11 مليار دولار منها 7 مليار وديعة

15 Mar 2018 President

اطلع رئيس الجمهورية المشير عمر البشير، على العرض المقدم من دولة استراليا للاستثمار بالبلاد بمبلغ 11مليار دولار.أوضح وزير المعادن البروفسير هاشم علي سالم في تصريحات صحفية عقب لقائه برئيس الجمهورية بالقصر الجمهوري

The President Receives a Verbal Message from the Prince of Qatar

12 Mar 2018 President

President Omer Al-Bashir received a verbal message from the prince of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani; on the bilateral relations

The President Meets the Chief of Egyptian General Intelligence

11 Mar 2018 President

President Omar Al-Bashir met yesterday evening at the Guest House, Major General Abbas Mustafa Kamil, Chairman of the Egyptian General


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