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The President Praises The Role of the National Council for Medical Professions in Promoting The Quality and Supervision of the Profession

11 Jan 2017 President

The president of the republic field marshal Omar Al-Bashir has praised the role of the national council for medical profession in promoting the quality and supervision of the profession. The president said during his address in Khartoum stadium in the occasion of fourth oath taking celebration for twenty thousand of practitioners of medical and health profession , that the outcomes of the national dialogue confirmed on promoting medical and health profession and medical services, the president of the republic added that by the advantages of the revolution of higher education they award the bachelor degree through a genuine scientific colleges  explaining that Sudan now has many colleges in the different medical specializations, and the president gave directives to pay attention to the medical and health profession and giving them much care that they deserve,. His Excellency has honored the fourth celebration of oath taking for medical and health practitioners with a number of ministers and state officials and ambassadors of brotherly and friendly countries. 

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