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The President Praises the Efforts of the Ministry of Justice for the Transformations in the Electronic Transactions

12 Jan 2017 President

The president field marshal Omar Al-Bashir valued the efforts exerted by the ministry of justice in the transformation to electronic procedures and facilitating citizens services. He said during addressing the celebration of the ministry of justice in launching it's projects in the ministry's premises, we praise the ministry of justice for achieving it's great change in the electronic transformations and facilitating citizens' services through it's window and atomatization the nationalism of procedures for customers by utilizing the service provided by the ministry's website.

He said that the ministry of justice and the attorney general are partners in cementing this value that Sudan find it in applying e government that paves the way towards the smart government.

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The Speaker of the Parliament : the Visit of Belarus President is the Key to a Distinguished Track to Bilateral Relations

19 Jan 2017 President

The speaker of the National Assembly professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar has considered the visit of Belarus president Alexander Locahinco to the country a key to a distinguished track of the bilateral relations

The President of Republic of the Sudan and President of Republic of Belarus to Hold Joint Talk Session in the Presidential Palace and to Sign a Number of Agreements

17 Jan 2017 President

The Sudanese and Belarus side have held a joint talk session in the Presidential Palace this morning to

رئيس بيلاروسيا يصل البلاد

17 Jan 2017 President

وصل الي البلاد رئيس بيلاروسيا الاكسندر لوكاشينكو يرافقه عدد من الوزراء ورجال الاعمال في زيارة تستغرق يومين يجري خلالها مباحثات مع المشير عمر البشير رئيس الجمهورية تتناول آفاق وتعزيز العلاقات الثنائية ومجالات التعاون الاقتصادي المشترك


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