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First - Vuce President Oversees the Whole Situation in Blue Nile State

14 Feb 2018 Vice President

First - Vice President, National Prime Minister, Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has overseen the whole situation in the Blue Nile State and the position of the implementation of development projects in the State in addition to progress in mining projects and production actuvity. This came during a meeting today at his office in the Presidential Palace with the governor of Blue Nile State, Hussein Yasin Hamad. 

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The Vice President Of The Republic To LookOn The Arms Collection Process In Middle Of Darfur State

19 Feb 2018 Vice President

H.E. Hassabu Abdulrhman ,vice President of the Republic, Head of the Arms Collection Committee has looked on the process of arms collection

النائب الأول يترأس اجتماع اللجنة العليا لمتابعة الموسم الزراعي

19 Feb 2018 Vice President

رأس الفريق أول ركن بكري حسن صالح النائب الأول لرئيس الجمهورية رئيس مجلس الوزراء القومي اليوم بمجلس الوزراء اجتماع اللجنة العليا لمتابعة الموسم الزراعي

The Vice President Of The Republic To Renew The SudanKeenness And Priorities of peaceful and loyal Coexistence And Religion Freedom

18 Feb 2018 Vice President

Hassabu Abdulrhman,Vice President of the Republic has renewed the keenness of state to freedom of religion and peaceful coexistence


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