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The Prime Minister Receives a Letter of thanks from his French Counterpart

16 Aug 2017 Vice President

The First Vice President and National Prime Minister General Bakri Hassan has received a letter of thanks from Edouard Philippe the French Prime Minister in response to the letter sent by H.E. and congratulated him for being appointed  as prime minister of France. Edward Philip confirmed his desire to enhance relations between his country and Sudan for the benefit of the two countries.He expressed his thanks for the first Vice President and the national Prime Minister.

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نائب رئيس يجدِّد حرص وإهتمام السودان بالتعايش السلمي والتسامح وحرية الأديان

18 Feb 2018 Vice President

جدد نائب رئيس الجمهورية حسبو محمد عبد الرحمن حرص واهتمام الدولة بالتعايش السلمي والتسامح وحرية الأديان.وقدم خلال لقائه بمكتبه بالقصر الجمهوري اليوم للبابا تيودرس الثاني بابا الاسكندرية وعموم إفريقيا

First Vice-President During His Address To The National Conference On livestock: We will Not Iissue live Meat Only For Gift

18 Feb 2018 Vice President

First-Vice President, National Prime Minister, Gen. Bakri Hassan, affirmed their commitment to developing the manufacturing industry

The Vice PresidentOf The Republic To Reassure of TheInternational Agreements On Human Rights

18 Feb 2018 Vice President

H.E. Hassabu Abdulrhman ,Vice President of the Republic has reassured on the status of the International Agreements on human rights in the country.


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