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The Vice President Confirms the State’s Support to Maintain Security and Stability in South Kordofan

04 Dec 2018

 Khartoum - Vice President Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir confirmed the state’s support for the efforts of South Kordofan State to maintain the security that has been achieved in the State.

H.E. briefed in a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace today with Ahmed Ibrahim Mufadal, governor of the State on the overall situation in the state and the security in particular. The governor praised in a press statement, the positive results of the repeated declaration of the President of the Republic of the ceasefire in the state to promote stability and peace.

The governor expressed his appreciation to peaceful coexistence that prevails the sectors of pastoralists and farmers, pointing to the state’s adoption of a campaign to support education in Southern Kordofan

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