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The Vice President Informed on the Overall Situation in Central Darfur State

13 Sep 2018 Vice President

Vice President Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir informed on the overall situation in Central Darfur State, especially with regard to securing the agricultural season and the last stage of the process of weapons and illegal vehicles collection process. The governor (Wali) of the State, Mohamed Ahmed Jad Al-Siid stressed in a press statement following his meeting with the Vice President at the Presidential Palace on the stability of security situation in the state, pointing out that the voluntary return of the displaced from the camps is one of the state’s priorities.

Jad Al-Siid said he discussed with the Vice President, the implementation progress of infrastructure and internal roads projects as well as Zalingei Airport, which will be opened in next December.

The governor of Central Darfur added that the beginning of next October will see the UNAMID handover of Mukjar camp to the government after its evacuation within its strategy to exit from Darfur.




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And the country tied the Sowar AlZahab Buried in Baqi

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Madinah ... A large number of Sudanese and Saudis participated, led by the Vice President and a number of Saudi officials and members of the Sudanese diplomatic mission in Riyadh in the funeral of the country and the Arab and Islamic nations to Baqi in Madinah, after the funeral prayer was held a...

Vice President of the Republic Arrives Medina to Participate in the Funeral of the Swar AlZahab

19 Oct 2018 Vice President

The Vice President of the Republic and his accompanying delegation arrived in Medina on Friday morning to participate in the funeral of the country and the Arab and Islamic nations, Marshal Abdel Rahman Mohammed Hassan Sowar Al-Zahab, who died at the military hospital in Riyadh on Thursday.

Vice President of the Republic Confirms the Support of the Government to the National Committee for Drug Control

18 Oct 2018 Vice President

KHARTOUM - The Vice President of the Republic announced the government's support to the National Committee for Combating Drugs and overcoming all obstacles to its activities.


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