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Kibir Confirms the State’s Support for Hayat Center for Treatment and Psychological Rehabilitation

03 Dec 2018

Khartoum - The Vice-President Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir confirmed the state’s support for Hayat Center for the treatment and psychological rehabilitation enabling it to play its role towards society in the treatment of addiction.

 H.E. praised when he addressed today at the Medical Supplies Headquarters, the conclusion of the fifth scientific workshop on the introduction to addiction treatment in primary health care organized by the Center, praised the efforts of the Center in the treatment of drug addiction, in particular the center of the community and youth groups.

He stressed the importance of training to develop methods of addiction treatment and make it in line with scientific developments in this regard.

 During the workshop, they honored a number of trainers and institutions working in the field of addiction treatment and drug control.

In a related context, Vice President of the Republic visited the stores of the National Fund Medical Supplies and received a briefing about the storage capacity and the size of the existing drugs and their types.

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