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The Vice President to Meet Rwandan Prime Minister and Foreign Minister

07 Feb 2019

The Vice President Dr. Kibir affirmed the strong relations with the Republic of Rwanda and Sudan’s  keenness to promote and develop joint cooperation to realize the interests of both countries and their peoples.
the vice president has briefed During his meeting with Rwandan Prime Minister Eduard Nguereinti in the presence of its Foreign Minister at the capital Kigali on the implementation process  of the South Sudan Peace Agreement and the Central Africa  agreement, which was initialed after the negotiations hosted by Khartoum as part of Sudan's efforts to achieve peace and reconciliation among the conflicted parties of Central Africa Republic In addition to its efforts to combat illegal immigration and terrorism.
From  his side , the Rwandese Prime Minister praised Sudan's efforts to achieve peace in neighboring African countries and expressed his gratitude for the  Vice President’s visit  and said "Sudan’s  timing is appropriate, especially as the continent is undergoing various political transformations and  Sudan is a pivotal country with positive roles in the region," pointing to his country's desire to establish strategic partnerships with Sudan in all fields.
The Sudanese ambassador to Ronda Abdullah Hassan Isa explained that the meeting dealt with Sudanese-Rwandan relations and discussed opportunities for joint cooperation between the two countries and the use of their capabilities to realize the interests of their peoples.




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