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The Rwandan President Receives a Letter from President Al-Bashir

08 Feb 2019

The Vice President Kibir handed over today awritten letter  to the Rwandan President Paul Kagame  from the President Al-Bashir, concerning the bilateral relations between the two sister countries.

The vice president during his meeting with Rwandan president in Kigali confirmed the depth and strength the relations between two countries.
and briefed  to  the Rwandan president on Sudan's efforts to put an end to disputes and address all issues between neighboring countries and the African region during the next phase.
From  his side , President Paul Kagame praised the Sudan's efforts to bring peace to southern Sudan and the agreement signed between the Central African conflicted parties  which hosted by Khartoum, stressing his follow-up to all current events in the countries of the continent.
He expressed his country's desire to develop it to serve the interests of both countries and peoples, stressing Rwanda's support and support to Sudan in all international forums and its desire to strengthen relations of cooperation with Sudan.
The Minister of Information, Communications and Information Technology Bishara Jumaa Aror said in a press statement that the meeting between the Vice President and the Rwandan President discussed aspects of cooperation and the promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries. He said that President Kagame welcomed the visit and the Vice President conveyed a message to his brother, Bashir, in which he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Al-Bashir and the positive role he has played in addressing all issues in the region

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