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The President of the Republic To Make A Phone Call To His Excellency Abby Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

07 Oct 2018 President


Field Marshal Omer Hassan Albashir ,President of the Republic has phoned Abby Ahmed,Prime Minister of Federal Republic of  Ethiopia, congratulating  him of being reelected as  head of the Revolutionary Democratic Front Coalition for Ethiopian peoples, as well as having the confidence of the Collation Party in the eleventh Preparatory Conference that took place in Uasa Town. They reviewed together the bilateral relationship between the two countries and the ways of maintaining them .they were also agreed of holding the High Joint  Committee between the two countries in a suitable time.

On the other hand,The Prime Minister has thanked the president for his phone call ,confirming the rooted brotherly relationship between the two countries as well as their attempts to maintain this relationship as well.


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