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The President Affirms the State's Commitment to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

06 Mar 2019 President

KHARTOUM - The President of the Republic affirmed that the rights of persons with disabilities are separated by law and guaranteed by the Constitution and committed by the State.

The President of the Republic, during his address this evening in the electricity gardens on Nile Street, the festival of honoring the disabled that all issues of the disabled care and attention of the state.

The President of the Republic directed the relevant authorities to abide by the law in a way that ensures the rights of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life.

The Presidency of the Republic announced the rehabilitation of the disabled home and the establishment of laboratories that make them productive people.

Al-Bashir ordered state governors to allocate a day every three months to study the issues of the disabled and every year at the federal level.

President Bashir urged MFIs to prioritize people with disabilities, especially in interest-free loans.


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