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Sheikh Al-Sanosi Briefed on NEPAD Efforts to Promote Development Process in Sudan and Africa

12 Sep 2018

Assistant to President, Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Sanosi briefed on the efforts of the General Secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa's Development “NEPAD”; with both the ruling and peer councils to promote the development process in Sudan and the countries of the continent.

 Sheikh expressed Al-Sanosi, during a meeting at the Presidential Palace today with a delegation of the General Secretariat headed by Deputy Supervisor of the General Secretariat, Dr. Abdul Malik Al-brair in presence its adviser Hassan Issa, expressed a number of observations, which aims to reach the objectives of the Secretariat's efforts, and Al-Sanosi pointed out to the need to put Sudan’s benefits in the field of project with the positive discrimination due to its deprivation from aid for more than sixteen years by virtue of the US economic embargo imposed on the country, which requires taking into account these circumstances and the consequent conditions.

For his part, Dr. Al-Birair confirmed the General Secretariat of NEPAD’s keenness to provide studies and to put forward Sudan’s projects, especially it connect with the African continent.

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