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President of the Republic: There is no Power Except through the People and Fair Elections

09 Jan 2019 President

KHARTOUM - The President of the Republic, Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, affirmed that Sudan has remained and will continue to be obstinate against all countries of arrogance and colonialism, which it wanted to overthrow.

Speaking at the Green Square, the President of the Republic said that the crowd was organized by the national dialogue forces under the slogan (Sudan peace and security .. dialogue strength and stability) The Sudan and its people is more precious and larger than the dollar is sold and security and stability more expensive than any price.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to all brotherly and friendly countries that have stood with Sudan in the face of economic challenges and the strength of dialogue and parties that renounced violence chose dialogue as a way.

President al-Bashir stressed that there is no justification to carry the gun after the peace agreements and the dialogue document, welcome everyone who wants to join the peace process to build the nation with the parties and national forces.

He warned the president of what he called mercenaries and mercenaries of the dominion and temptations of countries of aggression and arrogance who do not like the stability of the country and said, "There is no way to power but through the people and fair elections."

The President of the Republic said that the State is determined to resolve all those who want destruction and war, and commend the civilized treatment of security forces and police with demonstrators and protect the property of the state and citizens.

The President of the Republic urged young people to unite and strengthen their resolve and prepare themselves to receive the reins of power and push the process of development and stability in the country.

President al-Bashir praised the first generation of the people of Sudan who achieved independence and praised the honorable creation of his people, which remained a model of virtue by the testimony of all countries of the world.

The representatives of the parties and civil society gathered for their adherence to the dialogue as an option for political and democratic action and their rejection of all kinds of sabotage, destruction and war.

They called on the executive branch and the government to take bold decisions that will address the economic crisis and alleviate its burdens on citizens and provide them with decent means of living.


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