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The President: Recent measures taken by the government and the subsequent measures will resolve the economic problem

10 Oct 2018 President


The President of the Republic Marshal Omar Al-Bashir expressed his confidence that the recent measures taken by the government and the subsequent measures will result in success that resolves the economic problem and to get into the next fiscal year with the country in a more stable state.

During the reception  of the response to His speech at the opening of the National Legislature eighth session, the President pointed out that the period until 2020 requires more efforts at the legislative and executive levels, especially the following: Implementing the outputs of the National Dialogue, passing the laws and forming the institutions related to election.

He said that Sudan, despite of the surrounding regional unrest, was not just able to maintain its security, but also played a large role in achieving reconciliation in neighboring countries, which raised and strengthened its role regionally and internationally.

The President commended the great supervisory role played by the National Legislature especially in the period after the national dialogue, pointing out that the Commission has many projects in the next phase.

He indicated that the external activity of the legislature has contributed greatly to solve many problems and bring benefits to Sudan.

Al-Bashir said that the criterion for the establishment of municipalities depends on their ability to provide the necessary services to citizens.

Moreover, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, Chairman of the National Legislature, confirmed that the Commission has given the President's speech a great deal of attention and detailed discussion that led to the letter of reply.

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