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Kibir Expresses His Appreciation for the Weapons Collection’s Campaign in Promoting Peace and Stability in the Country

13 Sep 2018 Vice President

 Vice President Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir appreciated the great role played by the campaign for collection of weapons and illegal vehicles in promoting peace and stability in the country.

His Excellency, confirmed in a meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace today with Lieutenant General Ahmad Abd Allah Al-Naw the rapporteur of the Supreme Committee for weapons collection, the continued support to the Committee so that it can play the required role properly to achieve the desired goals.

Lieutenant General Al-Naw said in a press statement that he had briefed the Vice President on the progress of the campaign of the collection of weapons and illegal vehicles and the position of the implementation of the plans regarding weapons collection and the Committee’s future vision in this regard.



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نائب رئيس جمهورية تركيا يصل البلاد

20 Nov 2018 Vice President

وصل نائب رئيس جمهورية تركيا فؤاد اوقطاي الى البلاد مساء اليوم في زيارة رسمية تستمر ثلاثة أيام

The Presidency to Affirm Its Support and Care to Programs of the Vocational Union for Nurses

14 Nov 2018 Vice President

H.E.Osman kibir.vice President of the Republic has reaffirmed the Presidency care and support to the programs of the vocational Union for nurses.

Kibir To Reaffirm The State Support To The Plans And Programs Of The Ministry of Interior To Perform Its Tasks

13 Nov 2018 Vice President

H.E.Osamn kibir,vice President of the Republic has reaffirmed his support to the programs and plans of Ministry of Interior ,pledging to release all the constraints that it may face for achieving its tasks properly.


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