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Bakri Directs the Central Bank of Sudan to Provide the Salaries of Kassala Workers

10 Feb 2019

 Khartoum - First Vice  President , Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih directed the Central  Bank of Sudan to provide cash for the salaries of workers in Kassala State. 

H.E.  called during a meeting at the Presidential Palace today with the governor of  Kassala State, Adam Jamma'a the major factories to coordinate with the State to provide basic goods at factory prices to ease the burden of living on the citizens of Kassala State,

Jamma'a  said in a press statement that the First Vice President briefed on the overall economic and security situation, especially after the recent incidents in the state.

 He pointed out that the the First Vice President  gave directives to societal communion among all components  of society in order to bring stability and security


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