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Dr.Faisal: Peaceful demonstrating is guaranteed by Constitution and law for all

10 Jan 2019


Assistant to President of the Republic Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, stressed the state's keenness to exert more efforts to address the economic difficulties facing the country.

In his enlightenment to the diplomatic missions accredited to Sudan and the Honorary Consuls of the Asian countries, and In the presence of State Minister of Foreign Affairs, and head of the Foreign Relations Sector of the National Congress Party, Mohammed Mukhtar, at the Republican Palace today, Dr. Faisal said that the Government had made determined efforts to stabilize and provide fuel, cash and bread flour.

He praised the support extended by friendly countries to Sudan in all fields, especially the People's Republic of China, and attributed the extraordinary economic situation that the country is undergoing to the economic embargo imposed on Sudan.

He said the peaceful demonstrating is guaranteed by Constitution and law for all, denouncing the participation of some left-wing parties in demonstrations and carrying out acts of sabotage and encroachment on property in order to undermine the stability of the country.

Dr. Faisal also announced that the Sudanese universities will resume their activities soon, stressing the provision of all safety and comfort for students of foreign communities.

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