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09 Jul 2019 أخبار أخرى

The head of restriction and review committee, and head of legal administration at the cabinet, Mr.  Mohamed al-Gali, announced of liquidate 105 out of 431 government’s companies, for failing to provide any funds to the treasury since its establishment, including 26 companies belong to the security and outside of government control.
And he said in a press statement of committee at the General Secretariat of the cabinet today, the government companies and the technical committee for privatization of public sector facilities are waste of public money and not committed by laws and regulations and resort to private commercial sale.
And added that More than 80 percent of government companies do not support the state's treasury and only 12 of them contribute to it’s support through interest and profits.
He also revealed the negative practices of the former regime headed by Omar al-Bashir, the purchase of the river transport company to the river and the rent of land, marinas and ports of the company, in which there were some excesses in the report of the Auditor General, where the value of assets was not included in the treasury of the State and did not pay the dues imposed of  the Treasury, which has been decided To be in installments.

He added that Coral Hotel ( formerly Hilton ) which was a partnership between the Government of the Sudan by 51% and the Investment Authority of Kuwait by 49%, was evaluated by Sudanese experts with $ 139 million, but the authority expostulated on the amount, then evaluated by foreign experts with $ 78,500 million, The sale was $ 48 million proposed by the Ministry of Finance, and ousted President Omar al-Bashir cut 10% of the price as a presidential bonus, explaining that the Sudanese experts explained that the value of the sale is not equal the value of land.
Al-Gali revealed irregularities at the Grand Holiday Hotel. The presidential palaces were sold to Gulf Bank with $ 50 million, while the bank leased them to the US Embassy in Khartoum at the same amount annually.
He pointed out that AL-Takamol Cement company signed a contract for technical administrative and financial consultations worth 140 million dollars, and was stopped by the Auditor General after discovering that it was a baseless contract.

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